quickpaint 5/28

Did the sketch on the train, decide to throw some quick colors on it. Col-erase + Painter+ Photoshop.



  1. Super-Munkyboy said...
    Wow, great work mate. Makes me wish I had the opportunity to take the train and get the ideas out of my head.

    Its also good to see the sketch turn into the finished piece.
  2. Chris MacDonald said...
    this has a real graf feel to it...Must be the wall in the BG, or maybe its the fact that its an obscure floating torso on a wall...either way...bomb.
  3. Gregory said...

    You're constantly improving your coloring by all sorts of leaps and bounds.

    It's excessively impressive.

    I'd slide those goggles down his nose a bit though.
    His face is pretty long as is.
  4. WintoFrost said...
    you know,i know its sick!
  5. Mandy said...
    oh jeez, your colouring is so impressive...I'm jealous >8)
  6. Eve Archambault said...
    I really really love the colors, nice work!
  7. Clinton said...
    Great works, man!

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