Robots and such

I really have to get used to posting here often. I have a whole pile of shit to scan know, the lazyness. I have a car now, thats pretty metal.

This little forest creature dude was fun to draw...he seems like hed have some sort of smokers voice.


  1. Mandy said...
    Totally wicked background, the angle and the painting bit 8)
  2. Boris said...
    shit dawg, cool stuff.
    the last elf thing is creeping the shit out of me.
  3. Tyler (characters N' sketches) said...
    It's nice to see your stuff on a blog!
  4. Mokuu said...
    Great blog bro, im liking the connection it has with your flash site !
  5. Chris MacDonald said...
    hey man. ITSMYBDAYTODAY!!!

    yeh anyways, I sumhow remebered my password for carbonmade...So yeah, no issues there! The colored version of the layout is tight, Ill c u when your back in the oakville.


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