sketchibük 6/11

i haven't been drawing much between work and video games..but work doesn't really pick up until the end of this week, then it goes turbo. I'm also in the midst of coloring a few various reasons cause my sketch book to be fairly neglected. no worries, it deserves it..that punk ass. Thanks chris, for the delicious markers.

Some shat ass houses i did in the food court. i really need to practice layout details °~°

This ones kinda old. Bad scan..due to really bad paper. They're supposed to be space pirates, but theres not enough space in there.


  1. Mandy said...
    What kind of crazy person makes up layouts on their spare time D:

    You. Yah you. You're that crazy person B|

    I say woah! to the colouring of metal. It's sweet :D And pirates. Pirates are always good.
  2. Greg said...
    That really is some fine marker work.

    Also, that pirate piece is gold.
  3. Leisha-Marie said...
    That's some fantastic sketches Matias. And I must say -your use of "shat ass house" was fantastic. I don't think it's shat ass, but that's just me.

    And nice one with the "Space" Pirates.

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