The World You Knew.

A ps paint sketch i did last week. The actual file is only like 200 pixels wide because it started off as just a photoshop doodle. Complexion reference used for the skin...I'm sucha dork. I'm starting work again this Monday. That should keep me pretty busy, but I have a longer deadline this time so I should have more free time. Yusss. Also, I don't care what anyone says, Transformers was badass.

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  1. Mandy said...
    Ooow, that's so cool. It looks like it'd have some deeper meaning to it, nothing I'd be able to figure out anyway.

    Your ps colouring skills are so good D:
  2. shou' said...
    Interesting piece. Would those be some tangible form of spirits or someone's soul on the bottom?

    This is a litte late, but congratulations on leaving DA and welcome to Blogger!
  3. katefeesh said...
    it reminds me of that stupid movie we watched. it's not stupid though. also, there is a jesus heart!

    I have your dvd... I have a feeling it doesn't want to go back to you.
  4. Greg said...
    That's so much more gorgeous than anything I've seen today.

    That complexion reference paid off.

    That's a face!
    There's just no doubt about it.
  5. Chris MacDonald said...
    Its so weird.I like the face n the bottom part, sexy PS painting
    BAH! IM in halifax!IN a library!

    Come visit everybody!IM super bored
  6. Greg said...
    Now it's the most gorgeous thing I've seen all week!
  7. Dee said...

    That's so cool! Love the flow between the images - seamless!

    Thanks so much for the comment, it really means alot, especially seeing how freaking good you are, holy shit O_O;;;

    Ah, I see you know Mandy... how? Are you guys in the same year? :O

    Anyway, I'm going to be linking to your page if you don't mind, as I absolutely dig your stuff 8)
  8. Ashley said...
    matias! love this pic! pretty cool how it just started of as a doodle and became oh so amazing.. :D hope your summer's doing great!

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