WIP 8/27

Lines by Chris. Inks by me.


  1. Chris MacDonald said...
    coools. Understand why you didn't ink up those other bits, they are a bit off. Interested in how your gonna do up the rest of it ( nap sac etc). Keep postin......whoot
  2. Atomic Monkey said...
    Hey, man. Awesome drawings. I'm a brazilian graphic designer and illustrator. Visit my blog and see my drawings too.
    I gonna see your blog by now.
  3. Alina Chau said...
    WIcked coooool!!
  4. GHGraphics said...
    Ahoy mr. Hannecke

    Better yet I can bring the canvas I have over to your place and have you scan it so you can have it as a texture all to your self!
  5. GHGraphics said...
    Oh by the way, Bitching drawings. Especially the 4 armed sword guy. Beautiful movement going on there.

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