Yunk 8/24

Haven't been drawing very much. I've been spending a lot of time reformatting my computer so I can give it to my brother. Because I'm getting a new computer. Its gotten so bad I cant work in printable sizes anymore and I'm already maxed out on ram. I don't really have many options cause its a laptop (a very heavy one). But aside from that it has served me well. I'm pretty excited about the new computer :D. Except it'll cost me all my summers work

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Above: Something thats been on my desktop for months, because I need to finish the background..but I just cant finish it, way too tired of it. I like way the glass came out though.

Some random doodles laying around.


  1. Greg said...
    Yr the king of the Internet.
  2. Dee said...
    Wow, if it's possible for you to surprise me with how awesome you are, I think you just did o___o;;

    Loving that first one. The lighting rocks my socks, liek whoa.
  3. Boris Maras said...
    I remember seeing the lines for the first one a while ago,
    It came out Kick ass, man.

    Is your new computer going to have vista? I've used it a lot at work at is succcccks.
  4. dani said...
  5. Chris MacDonald said...
    I remember seeing the lines for this one a whilllle back. Glad it didn't end up in the trash. Love the crispy goodness of the line quality
  6. Sarita Kolhatkar said...
    I know - I can't wait to get a new computer as well. I've been working on my laptop as well and its so hard! This is a great piece by the way - the lighting is just amazing.
  7. Mandy said...
    I think she's free Wednesday nights :B

    Wonderful work like always. I admire your ability to create a very convincing scene, with your crazy backgrounds and all.
  8. Ashley said...
    me likes the mad scientist one. :) awesome as usual. btw, thanks for the tip about classes..
  9. Joel Beaudet said...
    sicc siccc sicccc!haha
    Love your work man. I cant wait to see some more this year

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