About tome for a new template. They're still a few things a have to be worked out and things get shifted on Explorer..but IE is probably the worst web browser around. Coding is not my friend. The links got deleted and I had to repost them, lemme know if I forgot any of you. I just moved back to Oakville this weekend. The 2nd year studio is looking snaggy. Boris and I are pinpin out our studio too... were adding a new bookcase oooo!

I have to go back to Ottawa soon to get my tonsils removed. So, I think I've pretty much set the record for most sick on one year. Someone should give me a trophy and a tetanus shot.


  1. Amanda said...
    Oooh, I like the layout. Makes me want to make mine all spiffy 8)

    Your drawing is so cartoony compared to your regular stuff! I think it looks good B)
  2. Greg said...
    Soon - your immune system will have seen it all and everything.

    Not even life will be able to kill you.

    You'll be very unstoppable.

    I look forward to it.

    (And yr new layout is good.)
  3. Dee said...
    Mmmmn, sexy layout. I wish I could code. But if I tried, I'm sure I'd make the internet break *sad face*

    Oooh, you're in Oakville now? Excellent! *plotplotplot*


    I mean, uh...

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