Long time no post...

I've been pretty busy working in Ottawa for the past two and a half weeks so I didn't really have time for personal work. The project I'm working on is so awesome....but I cant really post about it considering it hasn't been released yet. I'm back in Oakville now working on a few things that are close to completion.

In other news,

I recently illustrated the twelfth hand for the Hitote Project, a collection of illustration surrounding the theme of hands. I did a pretty abstract piece. I used some new tecniques and experimented with different brushes and textures.

Also, I'm going to be feature in the next issue of Imagine FX Magazine. A magazine for digital science fiction and fantasy art. I'll post an image of the page as soon as I receive it.


  1. GHGraphics said...
    NICE DUDE! Congrats on being in ImagineFX! That's pretty exciting eh! I was planning on submitting my stuff to that magazine but I guess I just never got around to it :P. Your Twelfth Hand is killer too. I would've mistaken that for traditional on first glance if you hadn't said otherwise! Good that you're keeping busy! See ya around bromeo!
  2. Spillz said...
    Awesome news dude!

    Its great to see you keeping up the good work so well while out of school.

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