Random Junk...
Some Nazi bot design ideas.
NOTE: The swastika is used in a narrative fashion on fictional characters. It does not promote Nazism or any Racial policy

A couple of screenshots of unfinished works.

Flesh tone study. Been looking at lot of Lucien Freud's work. Having some proportion issues here.

Yesterday, my homeslice, Chris brought over the issue of ImagineFX that I happen to have a page in. So that was pretty cool. The images fall victim to some unfortunate cropping...but I'm not complaining.


  1. GHGraphics said...
    Damn man you sure got style. Those robots are looking killer. The realistic face is sweet too and once again, congratulations on being in ImagineFX.
  2. Amanda said...
    Yeah I wanted to congratulate you on the magazine page, that's wicked awesome, but it'd have been weird telling you in person.

    The painted face is pretty, you seem to be drawing more girls recently! :O
  3. Dee said...
    Congrats of the ImagineFX page! That's frickin' sweet! :O!

    Loving the painted face the best here, your skin tones are beautiful *_*;;
  4. Cristian Camaroschi said...
    dude just stumbled upon ur blog just wanted to say love your work and style. Very Very nice keep it up man.
  5. Cristian Camaroschi said...
    tnx for the comment man. and about ur question where i learned i've been learning on my own and online/dvd tuttorials for a while now.

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