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Character designs based on drawings in my sketchbook. Some things are a bit off, should of corrected more...ah well.


  1. CMAC said...
    cool beans! Dude Im going to come chill this weekend. get your monkey ass ready.

    also my fav are the general in the middle and the tiny one on the gorillas shoulder.
  2. Bobby said...
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  3. Bobby Pontillas said...
    So awesome. I love the officer's ranks spilling to the ground. Inspiring stuff!
  4. Lee said...
    that's fking sick bro

    I love how you exaggerate the designs, makes it so worthwhile to just look at. I like the middle one the best =)
  5. DEI said...
    Ratatatatapaum!!! Joder Matias, me van a esplotar los ojos!! BUENISIMO!! Haces lo que te da la santa gana, se nota. Cada vez me gusta mas tu estilo. Quiza haga algun intento que otro, asique espero que me los critiques a fondo. Great stuff man.
    That's pro quality.
    See you at school.
  6. Emad Zedan said...
    Nice Work, ilike Your Style!

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