Last night's drawing. Inspired by the sentence "I will find you" that was written in my sketchbook for some reason. My subconscious is creepy.


  1. Adam Temple said...
    You label your layers... So diligent
  2. Lee said...
    haha labeling layers is something we could all do more of =).

    Anyways this sketch is sick, really like the shapes and comp, paint this one!
  3. Tyler (characters N' sketches) said...
    very nice, great designinng of the shapes in his body....SUPER!
  4. Aminder Dhaliwal said...
    you're missing the 'you are here' label on the map :D

    awesome design!
  5. Andre Abreu said...
    hello, Matias. Did you sketch on paper first?

    i like your style.

    André - Brazilian illustrator

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