UPDATE: Still developing this guy. Getting closer to some shapes I'm happy with. Hugely inspired by Sylvain Marc.


  1. kalonji said...
    his scary and funny a the same time ^^ great job.
  2. Gillibean said...
    These are fabulous! They all work in their own way! I do like the little red sock hat the best. And I like the blue skin guy although he does look sea sick! Great designs cant wait to see what yuo settle on.
  3. Bethany Craig said...
    I really like the bottom right, the one with green blue skin, and the older man with the red hat. I feel like a combination of those might be good haha. Love it!
  4. Octavio E. Rodriguez said...
    Awesome design!
  5. fredo said...
    cool !
  6. "TORI CAT" said...
    These are fantastic!!
    Really diggin' the blockie shapes!!
    They look great!
    Sylvain Marc is an amazingly talented artist!!
    Everything his pencil touches is pure gold!! I love his style and can certainly see how your using some of his totally inspiring artistic flairs!!
    Great blog!!
    Lots of awesome work!!
    I'll swing by again soon!
    All the best
  7. "TORI CAT" said...
    I was meant to add, that i'm gunna link you up to my blog under the tile "Inspiring Artists" So i can make sure to drop by again soon!!
    Really loving your designs and concepts!!
    Totally inspiring! A great blog to randomly find :D
    Thanks for sharing!
    All the best,
    Tori Cat
  8. Aminder Dhaliwal said...
    I want to hug all of them, they all look huggable
  9. Julio Cappa said...
    Great colors! great lines and forms! AWESOME piece an blog!!
  10. Sean McCormack said...
    Awesome colours! I'd love to see a comic in this style!
  11. Justin Rodrigues said...
    This is amazing! fantastic stuff all around!
  12. Taylor Krahenbuhl said...
    Fantastic design!
  13. jeffreydho82@gmail.com said...
    dang bro! looks wicked! how long did it take you to whip this up?

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