Space Süit

 *UPDATE- Space guy needed a friend.

First post of the new year! The last few months have been crazy busy. I finally had a free night, so I decided to doodle this up. Threw in some retro reference pics because they're silly and weirdly interesting. Definitely doing more of these.
Grumman Moon Suit (1965)
Space: 1999 (TV Series 1975-1977)


  1. Bijan said...
    Awesome. I love the limited use of texture.
  2. Garrett Hanna said...
    Please do. I love 'em.
  3. Aminder Dhaliwal said...
    haha crazy reference! that one dude's suit is HUGE, he's an RV.

    Love the designs and colours :D
  4. chromasketch said...
    loving it.
  5. Peter Oedekoven said...
    I love your color palette !
  6. Wesley Blondin said...
    I really enjoy sly characters. I think there is something mischievous inside me that just lights up. anyways I really like this one.

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